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“Panta rhei – everything flows. That is what a made my slogan when I was young and came across Heraclitus’ phrase in a Greek lesson. I was fortunate enough to have been born into today’s dynamic age and to be open to changes by nature. The era we have just gone through was characterized by enormous innovations of all kinds. Only those willing to participate in the changes, willing to float with this current and not to stick with the old were able to be successful.” (Werner Otto)

Otto Group

In the age of 40, Werner Otto founded the “Werner Otto Versandhandel” mail-order company, which was registered at the Hamburg State Ministry of Economy and Transport on August 17, 1949.

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In 1965, Werner Otto founded the “Werner Otto Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH”, which later became “Werner Otto Grundstücks-Entwicklung GmbH (WOG)” and in 1979 was finally named “ECE Projektmanagement”.

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Park Property

At a time when globalization was almost unheard of, Werner Otto already took the chance of investing into America.

In the early 60ties he began building up the Sagitta Group (today Park Property) in the Canadian town of Toronto. Today this real estate group manages over 8,000 apartments and around 150,000 m² of industrial real estate. Moreover, it develops industrial parks. Park Property is thus one of the largest companies of its kind in Canada.

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Paramount Group Inc.

The Paramount Group is a real estate and management company focussing on acquisition, finances, sales, real estate management, leasing and construction.

Founded in 1968 by Werner Otto, Paramount is one of the largest privately run companies with its headquarters in New York City.

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"Those who always remain with their tasks, who stick to the learnt routine of what was once achieved, who are not obsessed with the passion for development will have a hard time in our company. We are continuously working on shaping the future."



» Werner Otto’s Entrepreneurial Principles(PDF)
“Reduce every problem to a simple denominator”

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